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“...grateful recognition for your superior contribution to the law enforcement responsibilities of the United States Secret Service.” John R. Simpson, Director


• Aero Corporation, N.Y.
• AIG Insurance
• American Airlines
• City of Chicago Aviation & Law Departments
• Critical Path, Inc, MT.
• Caesar's Aviation Department
• Landrum & Brown Aviation Consulting
• The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Edward J. McCall, A.A.E. / C.A.E. (Principal)
Resume’ & Background
• Employed by the City of Chicago Aviation Department from July 1976 until July 1999.
• Appointed General Manager of Sedona Arizona Airport in July 1999 to July 2012.
• Founded Mac McCall, A.A.E. Airport and Aviation Consulting, L.L.C. in August 1999.
• Board Certified as an Accredited Airport Executive by the American Association of Airport Executives in May 1992.
• Alumnus of the Kellogg Management Institute of the Northwestern University Graduate School of Management as of May 1999.
• Member of the Great Lakes, Northeast and Southwest Chapters of the American Association of Airport Executives.
• Certified as an Executive Member of the Arizona Airports Association in April 1998.
• Arizona Airports Association Executive of the Year 2004.
• Credentialed, Certified Airport Executive, Jan. 2007, SWAAAE
• Commissioner Glendale Airport 2018

Primary assignment with the City of Chicago Aviation Department was at O’Hare International Airport in the Airport Operations Section. Served in and promoted through all Airport Operations title positions from entry level to Chief Operations Supervisor by January 1983. Directed the daily functions of the Airport Operations Section at O’Hare International Airport from January 1983 until July 1999. Served in various acting exempt positions from General Manager to First Deputy Commissioner. Developed and implemented the Air Traffic Control Tower / Airport Operations Coordinated / Airport Severe Weather Procedure cited for excellence by the Federal Aviation Administration in January 1984. Compiled the first Airport Certification Manual for O’Hare International Airport as required by the revised FAR Part 139 in 1988. O’Hare International Airport was cited for excellence in airport certification, major construction activity and snow/ice control regularly during employment tenure.

Assignment at the Sedona Arizona Airport a premier resort area airport consists of total responsibility for all airport functions including management of daily operations, finance, planning, development, community relations, noise issues, grant application assurances and business operations of the Airport owned Fixed Base Operation for aircraft services.

Assigned as consultant investigator to the National Transportation Safety Board by the City of Chicago Aviation Department for aircraft accidents in May 1979, American Airlines DC10 fatal crash. January 1989, Piedmont Airlines B737 in flight engine separation. February 1998, American Airlines B727 runway excursion and evacuation .


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Senator McCain
“ Mac McCall’s knowledge and expertise in the
execution of his duties during the most desperate emergency situations and severe weather conditions
has been instrumental in the operation of O’Hare.”
Richard M. Daley, Mayor, City of Chicago

“We thank you for your assistance in helping to bring a successful conclusion to our case.”
Nicholas C. Bart, Attorney for American Airlines

“We appreciate the work you did and will retain your contact information in the event we may need your services in the future.”
Courtney R. Bateman, Attorney for AIG Insurance,
City of Chicago Aviation and Law Departments

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View PDF of Guidebook

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